School Curriculum

Caro Favoured schools operate the Nigerian curriculum. This is based on the National Educational Policy. This takes learning from a wider perspective. CFS produces uniquely outstanding learners that are able to stand the challenges of the mixed and complex world anywhere they find themselves. The classes operated in the school are stated below.

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In Caro Favoured schools, we provide day care services for infants/toddlers in our creche department. The department is well ventilated with adequate sleeping bed for toddlers, educational toys, a screen for audio visuals and other activities that your little ones will love to explore.
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The pre- school prepares toddlers between the ages of 2-3 years , for identification of numbers, letters, sounds of letters, recognition of colours and shapes and writing of some numbers and letters.
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Admission into the pre- primary classes is based on oral/written examinations. Our pre- primary classes prepare learners between the ages of 4-5, for blending of sounds, pronunciation, solving simple addition, writing sentences with 2-6 letter words and simple multiplication of numbers. .
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Primary Classes

Admission into primary classes is by written examination. Our primary classes prepare the learners for state primary six placement test, common entrance into secondary schools etc.
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Secondary Classes

The junior secondary school prepares learners for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). While the senior secondary school prepares learners for (WASSCE).